Saturday, November 17, 2012

Classes DONE!

Even though the university doesn't end classes until sometime in December, I have attended my LAST EVER BSN nursing class.  I hesitate to say last ever college class, in the event I lose my mind and go for an MSN at some point...but thinking about that right now...a snowball has a better chance in hell.  I digress...

But yes!  Final class over!  I *technically* have one more class meeting, but it's to take our 4th critical care exam and then review for the cumulative final.  No new content, no additional concepts, and I don't know that it's even mandatory.  I'll go, just to get as much of an edge for the final as possible, and in the odd event she decides to take attendance or something.

I have 20 more days of academic responsibilities THEN I AM DONE, FINISHED, SCHOOL IS OVER. YAY!!

Graduation in 26 days!

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  1. Ewww, how exciting! Enjoy every moment so you don't forget.