Friday, December 7, 2012


I am finished with nursing school!  No more classes, no more exams, no more's all turned in, completed...just waiting on grades to be finalized in Blackboard.  And of course ~GRADUATION~ in 6 days.

Job front: I've applied for 4 jobs, 1 went to one of my classmates (she's a CNA on that unit...understandable), the other 3 have made it through HR and have gone on to the respective unit managers.  So...I wait until I get a phone calls for an interviews.

BUT...I don't have any more work to do while I wait.  I can sit and watch TV!  I can read a non-textbook!  I can get my crate full of textbooks and binders and folder and notebooks put away somewhere else!  I'M FREE!!



  1. Yay!! Feels awesome right? I don't know what to do with myself... have you started studying for NCLEX? Are you going to do anything special?

  2. Congratulation, it will be interesting to read about the next chapter in your journey