Sunday, November 11, 2012

1 month left!

Well, technically 1 month and 2 days...

Just a few more classes to go to, a couple more busywork assignments, 3 exams...I think my to-do list is down to just 11 academic things.  My academic exertion ends on December 7th, with my critical care cumulative exam.  Less than 4 weeks until I am DONE with this whole thinking/studying/testing thing.  Well, until I start studying hardcore for NCLEX...but I don't want to think about that right now.

Other than classes, I've been working on applying for my RN license.  We discussed the whole procedure in Transition class a couple weeks ago and were told to go ahead and start the process now so we don't have to deal with it later.  So after I got my fingerprint card this past week, I went ahead and got started.  Went to the police station and got my fingerprints on Friday, then Friday night I got on the Kentucky Board of Nursing website and filled out my application.  Got my criminal background check run - in the clear! - and tonight I went through the jurisprudence lessons and took the exam.  Just waiting on fingerprints to come back, waiting until UofL releases my records post-graduation, and then register to take NCLEX...and that concludes my initial licensure responsibilities with KBN.

26 days until my last exam...32 days until graduation


  1. Congratulations on the journey. Good thing that criminal background check worked out :)

  2. Yahoo, it's finally here and almost over!