Friday, October 19, 2012

Practicum hours completed!

All 210 required hours are now logged!

I did my last night shift last Saturday night.  It was definitely bittersweet...I wanted to be done with my hours because it significantly frees up my weekly schedule, but at the same time, I am going to miss my experience on the floor.  I really do enjoy direct patient care and cannot wait to get back to it in a few months.  But then, I'll be getting paid for it!  Always a bonus.

So now what am I going to do with all this free time?  Well, we've got our community project that we're presenting next Thursday...and I have my 3rd critical care exam on Halloween...and a huge research paper due November random busy work items.  So much for "free" time.  But I have to do this for only 55 more days.  I can swing that.

So on the job front...we were told to go ahead and start applying this month.  I haven't yet because there aren't any jobs at The Hospital that I am interested in.  But I keep watching the job postings and hoping for something that sparks my interest.  The only listing on there right now that I would consider is an L&D job...night shift, 2 shifts a week.  I was hoping for 3 shifts a week, and while I have an interest in L&D, that's not the highest on my list.  But a job is a I may go ahead and apply and at least get my name out there.

Other news...we ordered our nursing pins a couple weeks ago and they came in this week.  Squee!  And we got our pictures taken this week as well...but no Florence Nightingale dress and cap look for us  :-(  We actually looked like sorority did, makeup on, and a black velvet off-the-shoulder drape.  Not that there's anything wrong with sorority girls...but darn it, I wanted to look like an old skool nurse for just once!  Oh well.

And now I get to enjoy my first non-clinical weekend since before Labor Day!  I'm actually awake and getting things done today instead of sleeping...will be home tonight relaxing (well, probably working on my paper...but still) instead of at the hospital...will get to see my kiddos' soccer games instead of sleeping.  I might as well enjoy this while I can because soon enough I'll be back on a similar schedule...but with a paycheck  ;-)

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

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  1. Yahoo, how exciting! That pin is so pretty and amazing! Can't wait to see which job you decide on...rock on with L&D!