Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last day of 3rd semester

And I am now on my summer break!  It's a very welcome feeling to not have studying or schoolwork hanging over me and to not have to deal with it until August.

It's been a long semester and I'm just glad it's over.  What was, in my mind, supposed to be a great semester, turned out to be not so great.  Ironically, I've done the best, grade-wise, that I ever have since starting at my nursing school, but getting there was tough, almost impossible.  And while that sounds like I might be exaggerating, I'm really not.  I can't go into great details in the event people affiliated with my school read this, but I will say that nursing school is hard enough on its own, much less when an instructor does her best to keep you from getting an A.  I ended up with the A (barely), but an A is an A.  And this one was a hard-fought A.  Plus it got me a 4.0 this semester, which I'm thrilled about. This is my first 4.0 since I was taking my pre-reqs a couple years ago, and anyone who's been in nursing school knows that a 4.0 semester is a pretty big deal.

So I'm now off for a couple weeks before I go in for 2 days of hospital orientation and then 2 days of extern orientation, 7:45-4:00 every day.  At least I get paid  :-)  Ahh, that's going to be fantastic...getting a paycheck of my own after 10 years being a stay-at-home mama.  Granted my salary this summer will be going toward paying my tuition next semester, with anything left over going for books and such, but still.  My work, my paycheck.

I also have to finish getting my scrubs for this summer.  We were told student nurse externs wear navy and white, either solid navy, solid white, or a mix.  Umm, yeah, I'm going with solid navy.  I have one pair of scrub pants, because the scrub shop here happened to have only 1 pair in my size when I was in there recently, but I need another one yet.  Plus a couple scrub tops, and I'm quite the girl when I'm excited that I get to choose girlish scrub tops -- ones with a feminine shape rather than the unisex feedsack-looking shape (like our school scrub tops). more pencils, no more books...  And a couple weeks to chill before my externship starts.  That works for me  :-)

For those still slogging through final exams...good luck!  And those lucky enough to be graduating soon...congrats!


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  1. Yay you! I'm happy for your awesome GPA and the end of your semester. I have a couple weeks left and then I'll be done. I submitted a paper tonight and I have one more project in another class before studying begins for finals. YUCK! Enjoy as much of the summer as you can especially those cute scrub tops that are much more flattering than the school issued ones.