Friday, April 13, 2012

12 more days...

...and I will be FINISHED with my 3rd semester of nursing school!  But of course, I have a lot to do in those next 12 days -- Leadership project presentation (including putting together said presentation), Peds ATI exam, take-home Leadership exam, 5th OB exam, and OB ATI exam...and study lots.

I just can't believe in 12 more days I will be FREE again!  I can read, I can watch TV, I can just sit and do nothing.  But this year is a bit different in that I start my externship in mid-May, so that means I'll be working 20+ hours a week.  I know I'll be doing a lot of learning, but I can clock in, do my stuff, then clock out.  No hours and hours of homework, no stressing over proper APA formatting for papers (that about killed us all this semester...I swear, nursing instructors seem to think life happens in APA format, therefore anything written must also be in APA format.  BS!)...just come home, sleep, do things with my kiddos, enjoy.

So...I shall disappear for the next 12 days, make my 2nd home in the library, get through...then FREEDOM!

For all others in the same boat -- study well!  :-)



  1. Ow ow!! I'm so excited for you to have your break soon! I have a few more weeks but that's because I started after you. Either way I hope your finals go well and that you rock all of your exams!

  2. Just found your blog b/c our titles are so similar...and oddly enough, so are the looks of our blog...weird! Good luck with the next few weeks! And once your done, you won't have to chart (or write in APA) again! Almost to freedom!