Friday, March 23, 2012

Student nurse extern program, summer 2012

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I was scoping out student nurse extern programs for this summer...between here, facebook, twitter, and the real world, it's hard to remember what I've mentioned where.  Anyhoo...I applied and interviewed for an extern program at a hospital about 45 minutes away, was told that I would get a letter by today.  Got my letter...I'M IN!  They want me!  And I got my first choice, orthopedics!  I'm quite excited, feeling like maybe I can actually be competitive in this whole finding-a-nursing-job thing! (could I use any more exclamation points!!  YES!!  I could!!!  !!)

So now that I've been accepted, I need to call them and say yes, I'm in, then they will formally offer me the position.  Then I get to do all the fun stuff, like go fill out tax forms and get a physical.  I don't know what all they will do at this physical, but it's 2 different visits over 2-3 days.  I'm assuming there will be a drug screening, plus I have to show proof of recent flu shot and TB skin test.  I'm good on all drugs, plus I had my TB skin test in December and my flu shot in January.  But what else they'll do...?  Seeing as how I'm in good physical health and condition, I'm not concerned.

So, starting in mid-May, I get to go to the orientation stuff - new employee orientation plus the actual extern program orientiation - then I assume the role of student nurse extern.  I'm really looking forward to it, hoping I'll learn a lot, get practice on my skills and procedures, learn charting, and just get a better feel of working as an RN.  This should really help out with my precepting in the fall as well, even though that will be at THE hospital and I'll have to probably learn different protocols and computer systems.


In other news...had my 2nd and last OB clinical yesterday.  I started out on the Mother-Baby unit shadowing one of the nurses.  I helped get start-of-shift vitals and assessments on her 2 established patients, and then helped her get her "checking-in" assessment on a mama who had given birth earlier that morning.  Right after that, my clinical instructor said that there was a mama over in L&D that was getting close to delivery, and that I could go over and be a part of that.  I had asked if I could get in on a vaginal birth since I had never seen one.  I figured I would go to L&D, see the birth, then be back in Mother-Baby by lunch.  Well, little baby had a different idea, and I was in L&D until an hour after we were supposed to be finished with clinical :-)  It was a great of my classmates and I were with the 2 L&D nurses and got to help with mama's care.  We were having her push with contractions to get the baby to move down - she was dilated to a 10 and 100% effaced, but baby was up at a -1 - and one of the nurses had me watch the strips and the internal monitors to let them know when mama was having another contraction and to push again.  We got baby's head down to maybe a +3 or +4, then called in the OB to deliver the baby.  After such a great day in L&D, it's now back on my list of potential units when it comes time to find a job.


And in something completely unrelated to nursing...I placed 3rd in my age group in a 5K run last weekend  :-)  I went into the race wanting to set a new PR, do my best, go hard...and never even thought I would come close to being in the medal winners.  When they were calling the awards, they got to the females age 35-39...called 1st and 2nd places...then "And for 3rd place...Kendra <student nurse Kendra's last name>"  !!!  I was shocked, thought there had to be a mistake, but no, it was really me!  My official time was 28:05, average pace of 9:02.  That shattered my previous 5K time of 31:33.  That was in 2004, almost 8 years ago.  Nice to know I've improved as I've gotten 8 years older!  There's another 5K coming up at the end of April, I'm going to try to run in that one as well.  I'd love it if I could improve a little drop those 6 seconds and get into the 27 minute range.  We shall see!

And with that, I'm off to resume school work.  Meh.  Happy Friday, y'all :-)


  1. Woo hoo on getting that summer externship how thrilling! I'm still hoping for one in my neck of the woods.
    Your run was amazing, keep up that great hard work you've done. I thought the opposite was supposed to happen like getting slower the older you get, but not for you!!

  2. Kendra, Kendra, Kendra...I just got a call today for an offer on an internship this summer for the public health nursing that I applied for!! Woot woot, I'm excited. I'll make a post later but I thought I'd tell you first.

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