Monday, July 4, 2011

July already?

I can't believe the year is half over already!  I'm now on the downhill slope of summer...meaning I have more summer break behind me than in front of me.  Classes start 7 weeks from today...yikes!

As  mentioned in my last post, I had lunch with some of my classmates last week.  Just 4 of us could make it, but it was great seeing them.  One of them brought her little boy with her...she was pregnant during the school year and had her little boy the Tuesday after we ended our classes on a Thursday back in May (she cut that one pretty close!).  He got passed around the table and us mamas who are a few years removed from the newborn stage took turns holding and feeding and burping him.  I came home smelling like a baby and I spent the rest of the afternoon swooning with baby fever (imadork!).  But at the same time, it was nice to enjoy that sweet baby, then hand him off to his mama.  This is exactly why I'm looking forward to OB/Peds class next spring and have an interest in working in Mother/Baby.  :-)

That's about the only nursing school related update I've got.  Booklists not released yet, haven't started reviewing content and preparing for fall classes, haven't practiced vitals and basic assessment.  I really need to get on that...

Not much else going on.  Keeping up with the walking and running (did a non-stop 2 mile run tonight...first one since recovering from knee surgery and getting back to running), trying to keep kiddos entertained, doing boring, mundane stuff like cleaning the house and keeping up with the laundry.  Woo, I'm really livin' the life. ;-)

Happy 4th!


  1. It was cool that you could meet with some of your classmates. It is funny how a few of them become a part of your life and you miss them. Although you have a big thing in common in going to nursing school.

    Your not a dork what your doing is life. Enjoy your time off.
    Have to laugh, but being in nursing and working around 90% women, what is it with smelling babies?

  2. haha NPO that's funny! Babies for some women are what make the world go round. I got to hang out with a couple toddlers recently and while I miss that innocence, I don't miss the tantrums. Enjoy your summer Kendra! My book list was available the last week of school last semester and I still haven't bought any or care to look at any of it. Our classes start the day after Labor day (I think) so that's 8-1/2 weeks left. Yahoo! I too have to practice assessments before school begins again. My poor stethoscope hasn't moved from its resting place where I put it weeks ago.