Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Textbooks and tuition bills...and sniffing babies

So I haven't done anything with blogger since my last post on July 4th...and apparently there has been a redecoration around here.  The format is a bit different...not bad different, I'll just have to do some looking around.


Still plodding along through the summer...but nursing-related things are starting to pick up.  Found out our main campus' book lists have been released and I'm assuming those are the same books we'll be using at our satellite campus.  Time to start the cheap textbook search!  Fortunately we already have the majority of the books from previous classes...just need to pick up a couple for Adult Health, one for Mental Health, and one for the other class (I can never remember what it is...something to do with EBP).  Adult Health requires our old Community Health text from last semester (which I sold thinking I wouldn't need it again...blech), but if we do really need it, I'm renting it.  I barely used it for Community, why would I need it for Adult?  *shrug*

I also got my o-fish-ull tuition bill.  Yikes.  Having to jump through the typical hoops related to paying said bill, so that's been giving me something to do the past couple of days.

And I remembered I have to get my 6th (yes, 6th) HepB vax in another couple of weeks, then a titer check a month after that.  Good gosh, I hope this 6th vax does the trick and my titer is high enough.  I really don't want to find out what I have to do if it's not.  And with this comes the tap dance of getting my temporary clinical compliance.  I think my clinical compliance is set to expire sometime this month...not a big deal since I'm not in clinicals.  But I'll have to request another temporary compliance after the vax...I'm hoping they'll issue it for a couple months until I can get the titer results back.  If not, then I'm going to have to be bugging the clinical compliance person in Louisville a couple different times.  I think she's tired of seeing my name on e-mails.  :-/

Classes start in 6 weeks...

Oh, and before I forget...from the comments in my last post...NP Odyssey asked why us women smell babies. This question made me laugh, because while I can't speak for all women, I will say that it does seem to be a woman thing to smell babies.  Or maybe it's a mama thing.  Either way, we just do it.  Why?  I really don't know.  Maybe us females are pre-programmed to smell babies as part of a leftover instinct thing when humans' sense of smell was utilized for survival skills rather than just sniffing things we like to sniff..?  Or maybe we're just weird and like to sniff babies.  Anyone else care to answer?  :-)

Stay cool y'all...it's hot out there.  Later gators!


  1. Sometimes people never seroconvert on the Hep B vax. I myself have the same issue as you and have to start one more time to see if I will convert with this round.

  2. 6th! Yikes

    Makes me wonder if I should get a list of vaccinations my school requires before I enroll next year