Thursday, April 14, 2011

No more clinical until fall!

Last week we did our final clinical on the hospital was the final Community Health clinical.  I went to one of the Head Start preschools...and hoo boy, was that an experience.  I admire school nurses for their work, because someone's got to do it...but I am pretty confident in saying that it will not be me.  But, I had an interesting morning, plus I got to leave a bit early due to their I went home and soaked up some natural vitamin D.  :-)

Still marking things off my to-do list...but it's showing more items marked off than not!  Care plan is due Friday, finished it last night, need to send it off and be done with it.  Assessment final quiz has to be done before tomorrow afternoon, will most likely get it done tonight after kiddos go to bed.  Next Wednesday is skills check off for 4 skills -- Foley insertion/removal (which I rocked in practice yesterday, even though it had been a few weeks since we first learned the skill), trach care and suctioning (not a fan), NG insertion (not too bad), and sterile wound dressing (not loving wound care).  I hope I draw Foley and NG...I know those 2 the best.  Plus a group presentation, skills DVD quiz, 1 more in-class exam, 2 ATI exams, and the Assessment video...and I am FINISHED until August!

Found out some most excellent news this week -- I happened to finally check my transcript, only to discover I got an A in my Patho class last fall...when I thought all along I'd gotten a B!  I checked on grade was still listed as a 92.08%...93% is the cut-off for an A.  Not sure what happened in between Blackboard and the grades being turned in, but I'm not going to turn it down!

2 weeks from now, I will be on summer vacation.  Hoping my cortisol levels drop back down, I can actually enjoy things I haven't gotten to do the past few months -- reading something other than textbooks, hobbies, shopping, seeing friends and family -- and can get back on a normal eating and exercise pattern.  I so need the summer off  :-)

And with that, it's time to haul kiddos to soccer practice.  Happy (Almost) Weekend!

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  1. Yayayay for you for being done with clinical, now you can concentrate on getting the paper work trail shortened.
    At the end of our semester we're suppose to be tested on a head-to-toe assessment on a hospitalized patient. Our instructors are telling us that we should be practicing all of these assessments because come next fall we'll have to do another head-to-toe assessment the first week we get back. Just to brush up on our skills I'm sure ;-)
    Either way have a great couple weeks left through the sea of paper and please get some much needed rest when it's all over, I know I will!