Friday, April 8, 2011

Catching up

I'm still alive...just still in very insane-busy mode.  I had to make a list of all the things that need to be completed between now and the end of the semester and am just marking them off as I get them done.  I focus on things a week at a time...whatever has the nearest deadline is what gets the attention, then I move on.  No sense in freaking about my last TNI exam on April 25th when I have my portfolio that's due in a few days.

Recent stuff...past 2 weeks of TNI clinical were awesome.  In addition to getting more confident doing assessments and prepping/passing meds, I had 2 pretty good (as in interesting cases) patients -- last week was my first C. diff. patient (I've heard "once you have a C. diff. patient, you won't ever forget it"...yeah, that's a statement of truth!) with a bunch of other chronic medical issues, requiring a lot of meds, a glucose test, and an insulin injection, all of which I got to administer.  And this week was my first A. fib. patient...and wow, was she ever in A. fib.!  I had to really focus when counting her pulse and getting her BP because the sounds were all over the place.  She also had lots of meds that I got to her nurse took me in there when it was time to pull her Foley...and I got to do it!  I had the same nurse the past 3 weeks of clinical, and I really loved working with her.  She was a great mentoring nurse, let me follow her and ask questions, was super patient when I didn't know something, and let me get in there and do things as much as my skills check off would allow.  In talking to some of my other classmates and finding out that the nurses they worked with weren't like that at all, I consider myself very fortunate.

Another high point...we put on a mini health fair for a group of retired nuns at their...nuns' home.  Our Community class was split into 4 groups, each with a specific topic -- Hypertension, Nutrition, Diabetes, and Breast Cancer.  We had to set up a presentation and educate the nuns about our assigned topic.  It ended up being a great day!  The nuns were really sweet, they asked some great questions and shared their personal experiences, and seemed to really enjoy having a group of young people to talk with.  We even got a mention on their website!  (edited to add:  Yes, my real self made it into a picture.  Actually I'm in 3 of the 4...but one is a closer view than the others)  Our Community instructor said that we were the best group she's taken out there, that we were very professional and well-prepared.  It was a lot of fun and I think we all really enjoyed the opportunity to get away from the hospital and work with a great group of people.

I can't believe I'm a little over 2 weeks away from being finished with my first semester of nursing school!  The time has passed slowly, but at the same time, has flown by.  I've learned a lot since January...and according to local hospital policies, I'm now eligible for any of their Nursing Assistant jobs.  I am seriously considering trying to get a couple overnight shifts a week this summer...just to get my foot in the door, get my name known in the hospital system, and make at least a little bit of money.  Currently there are some openings in general medical...might have to look into that.  My clinicals were on one of the med floors and I wouldn't mind working there.

Alrighty...time for me to quit yappin' and get back to work.  There are things beckoning -- portfolio, care plan, involved community paper/presentation...  No rest for the wicked!

Later(s) gators  :-)


  1. I totally clicked on the link of your school being mentioned, are you in any of those pictures? I thought I saw you in the first one, but wasn't sure.
    Wow you've only got a couple weeks left?? I totally have 5 more weeks, but I'll be so ready for it to be done. I've learned a lot but in desperate need of a break...ya know what I'm sayin'? :-)

  2. Zazzy -- Yes, I'm actually in 3 of the 4 pictures, but the first one is my group. I'm also in the 3rd and 4th pictures, but in the background and you have to look closely.

  3. You're doing it, great job!

    It's great seeing you in real life, but I had to laugh at the picture on the wall behind you. Looks like he's rolling his eyes, Hahaha!