Thursday, April 28, 2011

I officially survived my first semester!

Took my last exam this morning -- Fundamentals of Nursing ATI exam -- so now I am off for the summer.  A huge weight has been removed from my person and I can now do things like sleep, sit and not have to think, rest my brain cells, and did I mention sleep?  I'm also hoping my cortisol levels drop back to the normal range so I can quit looking at myself in the mirror expecting to see a moon face and a buffalo hump.  OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration...but still.

My grades...I have 1 officially confirmed A, 1 more A that hasn't been officially confirmed but is indeed an A, 1 expected A that might swing back down to a B..but I'm thinking it's an A, and 1 B that might possibly swing up to an A..but I'm thinking it's a B (edited to add: officially confirmed, it's a B).  Would have like that 4.0, but 3 A's and 1 B is not shabby. That'll get me on the Dean's List, and considering one of the A's is a 6 credit hour class, that should bump my GPA up nicely.

Major plans for the summer?  Not thinking about anything school-related until late July...well, once I get past confirming my grades, that is.  Also looking forward to reading (other than books having to do with assessment, community health, fundamentals of nursing, drug dosage calculations, nursing diagnoses, etc.), giving full attention to TV/movies, doing things with my kids, spending time with my friends, cleaning/de-cluttering my house (well, maybe not that one so much)...basically all the things I haven't done since January.  I've been hearing enough people talk about "Mad Men" that I'm curious to see what it's all I got the Season 1 DVD's from the library and plan to start watching them.  If nothing else, I can look at the gorgeous Jon Hamm for awhile!  :-)

I'm already registered for next semester -- Adult Health (med/surg), Mental Health, and Nursing Research for EBP (I think that's the formal title).  Somewhat looking forward to Adult Health in that we'll be doing 8-hour clinicals with rotations in ICU, ER, and various other med/surg areas...but the downfall is care plans will be due every week.  BLECH!  I got a 98 on this semester's care plan, so apparently I know what to do, I just don't really wanna have to do it every week.

The high from rocking my ATI exam this morning -- Level 3!!  Awesome!! -- is starting to wear off and the sucky non-pattern of 2-3 fragmented hours of sleep the past few nights is making itself other words, my eyes are getting very heavy and I'm start to feel like I've taken a muscle relaxer or some other sedating kind of medication.  Before I start typing gibberish, I think it might be time for me to wrap this up and maybe catch a quick bit of sleep.

Hope everyone is rocking the end of their semester! 


  1. Wow congrats. Im just about to finish my first year of college as well. Im applying to nursing school this fall

  2. You NERD, I still have 3 weeks Kendra! UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH, I just wish my semester was over too! Enjoy your first official day off from school tomorrow, I'll be thinking about you!

    PS, I interviewed for a CNA job today and am 98% sure I got it. :-) *smiling from ear-to-ear*