Friday, January 7, 2011

And so it begins...

Have been getting e-mails all this week about classes...Blackboard is starting to show various course documents...and there's already a reading assignment to be done before the first day of class.  This is getting very real, very quickly.  *gulp*

So...classes start at 8:30 Monday morning.  Wheee!  And in talking to a few other classmates, we've come to the conclusion that we have *no* idea what to expect, other than we'll be at the hospital a lot more hours than we were last fall.  I've had plenty of "first day of the semester" days in college...but this one approaching is by far the one where I've felt like I had the least idea what will be going on.  I know we have lectures and labs and clinicals...but how does that all work?  And I had to buy this thing called an iClicker...what the hell is that?  And this pile of books I bought...holy crap, how can I carry all these suckers around with me...and do I need to carry all these suckers around with me?  Do I even need all these books?  GAH!

*breathes in...breathes out*

OK, I can do this.  I've been in situations where I don't know what to expect...and I've done fine.  I might be a little disoriented and overwhelmed at first, but once I sit down and rationally think it all through -- and get all things written out and lined up in a big planner, as per the suggestion of Estelle (her "Estelle's Guide To Nursing School" posts rock!) -- I will be OK.  I can learn quickly, I can adapt, I have a good memory...I CAN DO THIS! 

Meanwhile, I'll take a little time this weekend to print out a few things, read the required chapters before class, make sure my backpack is well stocked...and enjoy the heck out of my last couple of days before I hand my life over to school.

Cheers  :-)


  1. You can do this!

    I had to look at what an iclicker was, can't people just raise their hands and ask questions?

    Books, books, books that's why I started renting them, it's a lot cheaper and they ship both ways for free. Most you will never use again and any with health care or science is outdated by the end of the quarter/semester.

    Good luck and have fun, it's OK to vent about situations on your blog, better than real life just no real names.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, love. ♥

    My program doesn't use the iClicker but our sister university does. How it was explained to me is that each iclicker has an individual radio signal for each student in the class. Over the course of the lecture, the professor places a question on the projector and the students have 1-2 minutes to answer it. Sometimes it is for bonus points and sometimes it is for classroom participation points. Profs can also use them to determine lecture attendance by asking a question at the beginning of class and at the end of class (to see who was tardy or who left early).

    It might not be totally nessessary to carry all the books with you all the time. I kept mine in a crate in the car though so if I absolutely needed one, i could grab it during break. You can usually find medical terminology on any dictionary website (on a smart phone or laptop). As for specific textbooks, I sat with my study group and we each brought one. We all had our main text and someone brought the clinical skills text, another brought the lab values/diagnostic manual, another brought the care plan text, etc.
    Hope this helps, doll.

  3. OH Kendra how I echo all of what you've written! I have an iClicker too! I'll post a picture of all my books soon. You'll do great on your first day for sure, no worries. I have a few more days for my tummy to get tied in knots, as I don't start until the 24th. Keep breathing.

  4. Enjoy freedom before school takes over your life!!

    And yes, when you spend all of your time in clinical, you will slowly go crazy. It is like slave labour, except legal!