Wednesday, November 10, 2010

*singing* Money money money!

As in, I'll be spending LOTS of it between now and January.

Holy. crap.

We got our supply/clothing/training list for clinicals last week.  Yeah.  I need to win the lottery ASAP.  Here's a nice little rundown:

Clothing: Black scrub pants, black socks, black shoes, U of L polos, U of L scrub tops, name tag
Training: CPR, HIPPA, bloodborne pathogens
Supplies: Stethoscope, pen light, watch with a second hand, textbooks (to the tune of $800...are you kidding me?!?!)
Other: professional liability insurance, ATI testing fee, vax compliance

OMG.  I don't even want to know the sum total of all those items.  I really don't.  It would make me cry.

I've already gotten a few things checked off -- paid for my polo shirts and name tag today, have applied for my professional liability insurance, and am in the midst of my vax compliance.  I've been doing some price comparisons for scrub pants, shoes, and the stethoscope...found the best deals, just waiting to buy in order to spread the costs out a little bit.

The cool thing is...this is getting real.  I've been waiting for this for over a year, ever since I went back to school, and now it's almost here.  In a couple months I'll be a REAL nursing student!  *squee*  Of course, give me about 6 months from now and ask me how *squee* I'll be regarding being a REAL nursing student...

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