Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holding pattern

As in, not much going on.  Keeping up with Patho and Pharm, working on getting clinical compliance items checked off.  That's about it.

2 weeks ago I got some of my vaxes done -- Tdap, 3rd HepB, 1st TB PPT.  Results: negative on the TB, Tdap and/or HepB caused me to spike a fever and feel like death warmed over for a few days.  I was not impressed.  I still have to get my HepB and varicella titers done, plus a 2nd TB...will get those done after November 17th, which is the required 4-week mark between the 3rd HepB and the titer check.  And I have to get a flu shot.  I'm not real happy about that, since this year's vax contains the H1N1 vaccine.  There was a reason I didn't get it in the spring...I don't want it now.  But I have no choice.  *grumble*  Regardless, just those remaining items and I will be vax compliant!

Still have to get CPR Certification, plus take the HIPAA and bloodborne pathogen training classes/modules (online, thankfully)...and I think that's it, I'll be ready for clinicals.  Just need to let the time pass, not to mention build up a little courage between now and then.  :-)

Info meeting Thursday...gonna find out how much more money I have to fork over for clothing, supplies, etc.  I keep telling myself, if we can get through 2 years, my salary will be more than worth it.  As Dave Ramsey says, rice and beans, beans and rice.

Path exam #4 (!!!) next week.  Then all that's left is the final exam a month from now?!?!  And only a few more quizzes in Pharm before the final a month from now?!?!  Where did the semester go?

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