Friday, October 8, 2010

4 day weekend!

...even though I get only 1 day of classes off...but still.  A 4-day weekend is a 4-day weekend.  I'll take it.

Halfway finished with the semester, still doing very well, grade-wise.  Patho has turned out to be easier than Pharm...well, relatively, anyway.  I like both classes, am learning a lot, but I prefer how Patho is set up with lectures and what is expected of us.  Pharm isn't quite what I was expecting...I thought it would be more focused on the drugs themselves, their MOA, etc. but instead it's almost a repeat of Patho with a slight mention of drug names and classes.  I guess it's not super important how it's set up as long as I do well in the class and come out with a general knowledge of drugs and can at least recognize drug names and classes.

Also found out the selection committee has met once already to start determining our fate...should be hearing from them within the month.  Of course the acceptance letter will be good news, but it'll also be the start of a cascade of several things that have to get done ASAP.  I foresee November and December being busy jumping through all the necessary hoops in addition to keeping up with coursework and day-to-day life.  A lot to do, but very much worth doing.

Alrighty...I'm signing off to enjoy my long weekend.  Plan to sleep in a bit, spend time with the husband and kiddos, do some reading (working on Scarlett after having *finally* finished Gone With The Wind) and stitching, and, of course, review notes -- musculoskeletal disorders and pain meds are on the schedule.  Always something to study/review...

Cheers  :-)

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