Thursday, September 30, 2010

2nd Patho exam results are in...

...I got 63 out of 68, which is a 92.64%.  Yep, 2 decimal places...0.36 points from an A.  If I'd gotten only 1 more question correct, I'd have gotten my A.  *sigh*  So close!  Oh well...

It was a tough exam, covered A LOT of information that is tricky to understand.  The grades over the whole class (our local group and the main class in Louisville) were not great, according to the instructor.  I'm still on the right side of the bell curve and I'm very thankful for that.  And our local director congratulated me on my grade, saying I should be proud of it.  That kind of comment from her...I might as well have gotten 100% on the exam.

I still have a good A in the class...and the last 3 exams of the class have historically been "easier", in that we'll be covering more practical topics and disease states that are easier to remember and comprehend.  I'm still going to study and review and make sure I know the stuff backwards and forwards...but it's nice to know that the most difficult exam is behind me.

Starting to gather all the various and sundry things I'll need in order to start clinicals in January.  Found out when CPR certification classes are my list of childhood vaccinations and figured out what I need to be updated on...looking into malpractice insurance...  Also getting my stuff ready to apply for the hospital's educational assistance program. much paperwork!  Guess I might as well get used to life in the medical field.

This weekend's task -- review Patho lecture on Reproduction, study for Pharm quiz over drugs/treatments for reproductive issues.  Nothing like contraceptives, STD's, and physical issues of the naughty bits to take up my weekend free time  :-)

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