Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Patho exam 3...

...taken this morning, bright and not-so-early at 9:00.  71 questions, I felt like I knew the stuff pretty well.  Skimmed through most of it, had a few that made me think a bit.  Our director graded them over the course of the afternoon -- my raw score was 65 out of 71, which is a 91.55%.  Yet again, I just barely missed the cut-off for an A.  Blarg!

We won't go over the exam until next week, so I don't know what I missed -- I take that back, I know 1 that I missed: (paraphrased) "A 3rd degree burn victim with hypovolemic shock is admitted to the hospital, what is the primary concern of the nurse?"  I had it narrowed down to infection and fluid status...I chose infection, thinking of risk of nosocomial infection.  It should have been fluid status, since he was already in hypovolemic shock.  It wasn't a "wrong" answer, but it wasn't the most right answer.  Anyway, I'm curious as to the other 5 I missed...

The other thing on my mind...should be hearing from the selection committee within the next couple of weeks!  Yikes!  Starting to get anxious...I just want to know one way or the other.  Related to that, I've gotten some more items checked off my list -- got my 2 recommendations for the educational assistance application; got 2 of the 3 transcripts for the educational assistance application, requesting the 3rd one tomorrow; heading to my doctor with my vaccination records and my list of vaxes/titers I need, hopefully getting the needed vaxes/titers taken care of in that same visit (yay...needles and blood draws, my favorite); found out where to get my professional liability insurance and that it's not going to be super duper expensive (always a nice bonus).  I have a few more to do, but they're dependent on getting that acceptance letter in the mail first...so for now, I wait.

Alrighty...after spending over 25 hours studying since Saturday morning, my brain is tired and I intend to do nothing academic tonight.  That, of course, will resume tomorrow night -- Pharm homework on pain meds, studying for next week's quiz on diuretics, antihypertensives, and hyperlipidemics, plus getting my Cardiovascular notes downloaded for Patho Thursday.

But for now (ie, the next 24 hours)...I'm off duty  :-)

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