Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5th week of the semester...

...and I'm sitting in a pretty good spot.  I have A's in both Patho and Pharm, I'm understanding the material, and I've gotten my formal Upper Division nursing school application turned in.  They'll be letting us know our fate in 6 around the end of October or beginning of November, I'll know if my life goes on or if it ends right then.  Well, not really THAT dramatic...but I have no Plan B in place.  All my money is riding on one horse.  All my chips are on one number.  All my eggs are in one basket.  Something like that.

But at least I'm doing well right now.  Not to say that I can relax and take it easy, but at least I'm not having to climb up out of a hole.

Up this weekend: studying for Patho exam 2 -- Cancer, HIV/AIDS, stress, fluid and electrolyte balance, and endocrine/diabetes.  *headdesk*

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