Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Necessary Pre-Externship Appointment #1

Went in to Externship Hospital for the first time today to get my paperwork filled out (signed my name about eleventy-billion times), photo taken for my ID badge, drug test, TB test, and pick up a packet to fill out by the time I return for Necessary Pre-Externship Appointment #2 on Thursday (to get my TB test read and have my formal physical).  So now they have my signature on file eleventy-billion times, plus all kinds of information on me...so I guess it's getting more and more official!

Then to make it even more real, I got a phone call from one of the nurse team leaders on my unit to talk to me about my schedule!  I told her of my preference for night shifts and she said that she would make that happen.  Got assigned to a preceptor (who is very excited to have a student nurse to teach...I hope that's as good a thing as I think it might be) and got my first shift on the floor scheduled.  Because of the timing of our orientation and training next week, I can work only 4 more hours for the pay period as a nurse extern, so I got a short 4-hour shift.  BUT...it's overnight!  I go in at 10:30 PM and get off at 3:00 AM.  Now I'm sure I'm absolutely nuts, but I'm loving those times!  I'm ready to join the night shift world!

And I stopped by a scrub shop in the town where Externship Hospital is to look for my needed scrub tops.  Found the one style I had REALLY wanted, plus at a cheaper price than I have seen anywhere else (even online!), bought one, ordered another.  So I'm finally set as far as my scrubs.

*squeee* I'm in the files as a new employee, have my orientation/training next week, my first shift scheduled...THIS IS REAL!

*jumping up and down like a dork*

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