Sunday, January 15, 2012

One week in...

So I survived the first week.  My overall take on this semester: I'm going to be plenty busy, but it doesn't seem to be the same level of insane busy that last semester was.  4 classes, 2 with clinical rotations...exams and projects and care plans and clinical worksheets.  But still, things seem less intense.  And the clinicals...OB in L&D and Nursery/Mother-Baby...peds in the NICU, a ped's office, on the peds unit in The Hospital, outpatient I might get a day of shadowing at Kosair's Children's Hospital NICU or PICU.  Even if I don't get to touch a thing and all I do is just watch, an opportunity at Kosair's will be priceless!

I was reminded of being oh so thankful I'm past Med-Surg.  Tuesday after they'd had their first class, the cohort behind me looked panicked, scared, almost already beaten.  I got caught in the hallway talking to a few of them...not caught in that I didn't want to talk, but caught up by their questions.. "How much did you have to read?  How did you do on the exams?  What was clinical like?  How did you do on ATI?  How much time did you spend on this class?  What was your final grade in the class?"  They were firing questions at me left and right.  Oh those poor souls.  I feel bad for them, I do...but just like we did, they'll have to buck up and get through it if they're serious about it.  Not to say that the classmates we lost weren't serious...hell, I won't get into that whole situation in the event someone were to stumble across my words here and...well, I don't want trouble.


Getting right into the swing of things this week...Peds and Leadership classes on Tuesday, Peds clinical on Wednesday (0630!! Woohoo!) and OB clinical orientation on Thursday.  Already completed one main assignment for Global Health, got my case studies and reading done for Leadership...have some reading to do for Peds for this week and for OB for next week...seems like I'm getting back into the groove fairly well.

And on that note, the reading beckons.  Good luck to everyone starting classes this week!



  1. Sounds like it's going to be a fun semester!! So, is Med-Surg really that bad?!

    Good luck this semester, Kendra!

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