Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Less than 3 weeks to go!

3 weeks from today I'll be a few days into my 2nd semester of nursing school!  Yay...and yikes!

Yep, only 3 more weeks of summer break.  And since my kiddos start school before I do -- my oldest starts 3rd (!!!) grade August 10th -- my last day of summer break is more like August 9th.  Back to getting up at 6 AM, back to corralling kiddos to bed at 8 PM.  The getting up at 6 AM is really not my thing.  Buh.  But I know I'll have some early clinical report times this semester, so I better get used to it.

As I mentioned last time, I got books ordered.  One shipment has already come in -- my Medical Terminology workbook and my Nursing Research text.  Gotta love Amazon books arrived the day after I ordered them (I'm so going to miss Prime when my student membership expires later this month *sad*).  I still haven't gotten the 2 books I ordered from the school bookstore...haven't even gotten notice that they're shipped or anything.  I hope there isn't some stupid SNAFU.  Probably should check on that.  Also mentioned in a previous entry, I got my HepB vax.  Good gosh, those suckers hurt!  I got the thing a week ago and my arm is still tender.  I really really really...and some more really...hope this is the last one I have to deal with, at least for now.  I'm tired of being a pincushion.

From my comments on my last post, it appears there are many fellow textbook nerds out there!  Most excellent...glad to know I'm not the only weirdo who stalks the mailman when the books are on their way, but then starts to hate those same books just a few weeks later.  ;-)  And also, thank you for validating my thoughts on the photo-taking, foot-loving creeper.  That was a few weeks ago and I still think "Was that real...did that really happen?  Who does that kind of thing?"  *shudder*  I told the story to a few of my other friends...their reactions were all much the same -- dude was CREEPY.

Not much else going on.  Really need to start making my review notecards...intended to start that this week, just been a bit busy the past few days.  Maybe that will be tomorrow's main task.  I think once I get started and into the groove, I won't want to stop...just got to take that first step.  Waiting to get our formal schedule from our program secretary, waiting to hear back about a scholarship I applied for, waiting to see if I get my financing from The Hospital before my bill is due....WAITING.  And to toss in a bit of superficial vanity, I'm trying to take advantage of the remaining 3 weeks laying out here and there (like Sookie Stackhouse says...I don't drink, I don't sunning is my vice), running when I can, walking when I can't run...and plan to dye my hair again the week before school starts.  Between the RED hairs, the tan, and the 10-11 pounds I lost over the summer, I'm shooting for a whole different person than I was in May.  OK, not really...but still.  Told you I was going to be vain, there.  ;-)

And with that, I shall wrap this up.  I do want to say a big thank you for reading my inane ramblings and leaving comments.  I appreciate anyone who stops by  :-)

Later gators


  1. I don't know if I've already said this...but I am SOOOOO a textbook nerd! I am the same way as you: hound the mailman, and then hate them a few weeks into the semester. But it's still fun, each time ;) I'm also kinda anal in the fact that I love the textbooks with prettier fronts more than other textbooks, lol. Isn't that weird?


  2. Funny thing, this semester my textbooks were cheaper than Amazon...zonk! For real, but I'll still have to pay $569 for books and $160 for a big lab/supply bag for the caths and tubing and wound care stuff!!
    My instructors swear next semester will be a lot cheaper as far as books go.
    I'm heading to Minneapolis on the 12th and will swing by my bookstore to pick up all of my books including the "free" rentals.

    What kind of note cards are you going to make to help prepare and review? Sounds like fun.

  3. Hey i didn't know you were a 2nd semester student also (or maybe i did and just forgot). Sounds like we'll be starting school around the same time. I can't believe summer is practically over. I'm so scared for my 2nd semester I need to review too because I don't remember much from last semester. :S