Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A full week of no classes, no stressing over assignments, no studying for this or that...nothing!  I so needed it!

Technically, I do have a couple minor things to work on this week -- gotta work on my portfolio (ugh, yuck, blech, ick, pointless) for Foundations, and I really should take some time to review ABG's for TNI.  We first learned ABG's in Patho last fall and I did well learning and understand the concept...but I've slept many nights since then, not to mention all the other information that has been crammed into my mental filing cabinet.  Need to review normal values and the process in determining metabolic or respiratory, acidosis or alkalosis, and compensated or non-compensated.  I'm also supposed to memorize basic s/sx and causes of the 4 imbalances...I'm a bit rusty on those as well.

The previous couple of weeks have been insane busy...with me averaging about 3 hours of sleep each night.  You can get away with that a couple nights, but about a week and a half in, the body starts to show signs that it's not doing so well.  I came home from class last Wednesday and hit a wall -- was dizzy and stumbling around, speech was slurred, don't remember 2 phone conversations I had...yeah, I was scaring myself.  So I decided to crash on the couch to recharge.  4 hours later I woke up and felt much better, but even now, almost a week later, I'm still showing signs of being overly tired.  I can't sleep in much since I have to take kiddos to school, but I'm trying to take little catnaps during the day if I need to.

While I was very thankful to get through those 2 weeks before break, I can't relax my mindset too much, because it's not going to be any better after break.  I'm pretty much insane busy until the end of the semester.  Yay, more lack of sleep...  The good thing to look forward to is that I have several clinicals where I will be one-on-one with "my" patient...and I absolutely love that!  I may be nervous and not always sure what to do, but I really enjoy working with real patients.  It gives me a chance to help someone feel better, plus a way to practice all the assessment and intervention skills I've learned so far.

On that note, I'm feeling a bit drowsy right now, so I might sneak in a quick nap while it's still quiet around here.  I feel like a toddler again, needing an afternoon nap like this...

Happy Ides...beware of Brutus!


  1. Oh Kendra you make me feel sleepy just reading this posting. How can you make it with such little sleep girl? I know I was going to stay up later at night to help get the info in my head, but walking into walls sounds like a scary adverse effect.
    Take care, sleep well during this break because you deserve it and I can't wait for my break next week!

  2. So jealous. My spring break isn't until april (a week before classes are over. makes no sense).
    Get some rest, love. You deserve it. :)

    By the way, love the Julius Caesar reference.