Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back to reality

So spring break is over, back to the grind.  I actually had a decent week -- thought it was a bit rough getting back into the swing of things after a week of doing nothing and sleeping a lot.  But I did OK, despite the intentional lack of caffeine!

A big highlight -- 1 group project down, 3 more to go.  My group had our ethics presentation for our Foundations class on Tuesday...and I think we rocked it.  I'm not sure when we'll get our grade, but unless she went uber psycho, I can't imagine not getting a good, solid A on it.  But...this is our director who teaches this class, and you never know what you're going to get with it's actually up in the air.  I know we didn't fail it...we hit the main points she wanted us to, we had a ton of properly cited research...but we'll just have to wait and see!

3 clinicals this week -- 2 were awesome, 1 was OK.  Actually, I really should say all 3 were good, just 2 of them were even better.  Optimism...trying to use it a bit more!

Anyhoo...Wednesday's TNI clinical was great -- actually felt more like a real nurse than I have so far!  The main tasks were passing the 0900 meds and doing some basic assessment.  My patient's nurse handed me the MAR and I got to work.  While waiting to get access to the wallaroo, I got my patient's chart and started poring over it, because I needed to get info for my care plan assignment.  This patient will make a great care plan subject -- lots of acute and chronic disease issues, so lots of nursing diagnoses and interventions at my fingertips.  Well, sort know what I mean.  Anyway, I must have looked like I belonged behind the desk at the nurse's station, because another patient came up and started asking me questions about being discharged.  Sweet little old man...reminded me a lot of my own Granpa.

So that gets me to Thursday, which was my turn at the family planning clinic at the local Health Department.  I had observed a couple procedures there earlier this semester and was fascinated...couldn't wait for my turn there all day.  Most of my classmates who have been there were not impressed with that experience.  Me...I *loved* it.  Saw an IUD insertion, several Pap's, several general pelvic exams, STD checks -- including a live sample of Trichomonas vaginalis -- and a colposcopy.  I've always been interested in the OB/GYN side of things, but this clinical visit just reinforced that.  To the point of where, if I do go on and get an advanced nursing degree at some point, I'm leaning toward a CNM degree.  But that right there is a big if.  Let me get out of school and earn a paycheck for awhile, then we'll see what the future holds as far as a graduate degree.

And that leads to Friday's clinical, which was in another small clinic setting.  Little clinic run by a FNP that offers discounted healthcare to those with little or no insurance coverage.  Saw what I've seen before -- patients triaged in, discuss issues with FNP's, they make their recommendations, referrals for labs, etc., then out the door.  Nothing new, nothing earth-shattering, other than the building being new and it was a REALLY nice facility.  But the staff there were really nice and put up with us following them around like shadows most of the day ("us", in that one of my classmates was also there)

The other big deal this week was learning catheter skills.  Our instructor demo'd a straight cath, but our kits were for we learned both.  As I was practicing on the dummy, my lab instructor asked if I'd ever done these before...I said no.  Then he asked if I'd ever worked in a healthcare setting before...I said no.  He commented that he was surprised that I hadn't because I'm doing skills like someone who's had some experience.  *beaming smile*  That boosted my confidence a bit.

That is about it, at least items worth mentioning.  So I shall enjoy my weekend, as much as I can around working on my care plan, knocking off some group project work, and doing other non-school things.  Soccer...pug-sitting for a friend of mine...sleep...

Have thyself a happy and a healthy!


  1. What a nice compliment by your instructor! L&D huh, well go on with your bad self. I haven't been able to do clinical in any other areas yet besides the nursing homes. But the first Monday in April we'll be in acute care on the cardiac floor, and that sounds promising. I'm almost done with my break and it hasn't been very relaxing, my next big thing to look forward to is the end of May when classes are over. Go SUMMER!