Thursday, January 13, 2011

Books and supplies

Since I've seen a few other nursing school bloggers share their piles of books and various supplies, I thought I'd join in and show what a good chunk of our household income has paid for recently!

You can see my large pile of textbooks (and I just realized I forgot my Taber's Medical Dictionary and my APA Publication Manual...they're set aside because they were 2 that *might* have been sent back, but I think I may have to keep them)  Wondering how many of these I'll actually use the next 4 semesters and how many I should have either rented or not bought at all.  I think at least a couple will be used again next semester, so that helps.  Maybe.

Also pictured: my handy-dandy planner, which is my major source of organization regarding school, if I lost it I would be in *big* trouble; my skills DVD's, which are interesting...and will not be viewed when my children are around; plus my new watch, my pink penlight, my pink scissors, and my pink (well, raspberry) Littman stethoscope, complete with its pink and supposedly tamper-proof ID tag.  Do we notice a color theme, here, by chance?  :-)  I still have to get my tape measure and my clinical tote bag/kit thing.  I think when I get those, I'm good to go...?  Until they add something else...

Up tomorrow -- the previously mentioned all-day orientation and the first chance to wear clinical uniform.  I'm going to feel like an imposter wearing real scrubs, but I suppose I'll get past that feeling real quick when we have to wear clinical uniform 3 of the 4 days each week starting next week.

Clinicals start next week.  Labs start next week.  No more just sitting in a classroom.  Yay!

Back to the books.  Happy weekend!  :-)


  1. Yay! Thanks for the snapshot Kendra. I am sooooo nosy when it comes to nursing textbooks. [by the way, I had the Perry and Potter text for Fundamentals too] :)

  2. EXCITING! I would be going with a pink theme too, but my pen lights are white, so maybe I'll sway towards that theme color.

  3. Love the pink! :)
    btw, I love the color of your hair....what color do you use? very purdy.... :)
    (PS. Just MHO - re: books - I would rent next semester, if it turns out cheaper...the reasoning probably won't need too many of the books in the future and after 10 yrs they are obsolete anyway. I threw all mine out in the recycle bin after never going into them again after 10 yrs. Once you are *out there* working, most units/hospitals have libraries you can use, never mind online info that is more utd.)

  4. YAAA to being out of the classroom!