Friday, December 31, 2010


Between holiday traveling and hosting and traveling some more, I finally got to my doctor's office this week to get my HepB booster.  While I'm not a huge fan of shots, I'm usually pretty good at taking them well.  Plus I'd just had a HepB vax 2 months ago and I don't remember it being bad (that was the Tdap....).  But this recent one...holy crap, that sucker hurt!  The stick wasn't bad, but when the vax solution went in, I felt every bit of it.  And now my arm is bruised and very sore.  Guarding is definitely at play...very much no touchy.

Temporary compliance verification is in hand (well, in e-mail...will be in hand when I print it out) and can be turned in to the secretary.  The only limitation is that pesky titer, which will be remedied in about a month.  Fingers crossed that this vax does the trick...


  1. Ouchers.
    When I got into my program, I couldn't find my shot record so I had to get a titer to see if I was still immune to HepB. Nope.
    So guess who got to take all the shots over again even though I got them done when I was a teen?
    This chick.

  2. I recently just got all my HepB shot series, and now I'm going in this coming week to get my titer done before I start the nursing program at the end of Jan.

  3. I've been labeled a "non-converter".

    3 full series here, and a negative titer.

    Using my awesome nursing math, that's 9 shots and 3 blood draws...for naught.