Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

**OK, so I know this is my nursing school blog...but I'm taking the option for an off topic post.  It's my blog, I can get away with it.**

So I've been awake for over 14 hours at this point, but I'm running fairly strong on adrenaline and excitement and probably more than a little bit of sugar/caffeine from the various goodies I've consumed.  Yay for sugar cookies and chocolate and candy!  I feel like Buddy the Elf with his 4 food groups...

Our day started off a little earlier than I would normally be up and at 'em on a Saturday morning, but when you have kiddos, that's just how Christmas morning goes.  I should be thankful it was only a 6 AM wake-up call, rather than one at a much uglier hour.  Once the groggy adults came to our senses, we ventured into the living room to see what Santa had left behind.  We spent the next hour opening presents and then unpackaging and setting up various new gifties.  The kiddos had enough to keep them occupied for awhile, so I was able to get myself together and get started with my stuff for the day.

As has become tradition, I was planning for an afternoon meal with my side of the family.  However I was playing hostess to more than just my usual family today -- I invited one of my closest/bestest friends over for the day as well.  He grew up not celebrating Christmas (or any holiday or event, for that matter) and I wanted to make him feel welcome and comfortable without feeling awkward.  And I know it's sometimes difficult to be the "new and strange" person stepping into an established family dynamic, even when the people involved are nice and friendly.  I just wanted it to be a nice day for him and for everyone...and I think I managed to pull it off  :-)

Everyone has since headed back to their respective homes and we're beginning to wind down for the night here (except for me on my sugar high).  So here I sit...curled up in my comfy chair, watching new toys and games being played with and reflecting on the day.  I'm about ready to grab my main gift (Santa brought me a Kindle 3 *squee*) and use one of my Amazon gift cards to order me up some books.  I know what I will be doing the next few hours  :-)

Christmas 2010 was very good, and I am thankful for my many blessings -- high among them are my family and friends.

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