Friday, December 3, 2010

Classes over...

...just have my 2 exams next week, and the semester will be over and done with!

I'm stressing about my exams.  Patho won't be super bad -- gastro and neuro.  Gastro was pretty straightforward, but the neuro section is pretty detailed and some concepts are a bit confusing.  I need just 50-something out of 100 to keep a B in the class...need 98 or 99 to get back to an A.  There is a slight chance of that happening, but considering everything I've crammed into my head for that class, I will be happy with a B.

Pharm...well, that's really stressing me out.  Pharm was supposed to have been the easier class.  But we're guinea pigs this semester and it's showing in our grades.  I've done very much not well on a few of the weekly quizzes, as have the rest of my classmates, and it's not because we don't study.  That really irks me...and now my grade suffers and I'm stressed because the instructor doesn't know how to write quizzes that accurately assess what we know.  We have to get a 75% or higher on the final...and for the first time in all the college courses I've been in, I'm honestly worried.  And it all goes back to the fact that it's not because I don't know the's purely exam questions that are so obscure and go into grave detail on very specific things that we didn't cover in class.  This is the first class EVER where I will be more than happy to just pass it.  Forget the A, forget the B (which is what I have right now...but it doesn't mean anything if I don't pass that final), just please let me pass.

In other news...I'm now officially CPR certified...and I have the card from the AHA to prove it.  :-)  While I would not wish danger or harm or a scary situation on anyone, I also hope that I get a chance to use the skills at some point.  It's easy to know what to do on a dummy in a controlled room with the rest of my classmates...totally different ballgame when it's a real person who's life is at stake.  All that said, I do feel like I could be of useful assistance if I'm ever faced with that situation.  Our instructor said that as nursing students and future nurses, we definitely would be.

Alrighty...I'm getting started on studying tonight and will be in my books and notes and Tegrity lectures all weekend.  Yayfun.  I've got fingers/toes/everything crossed that all goes well next Thursday.  I've spent too much money for next semester, my plans are made...I'm doing what it takes to move on.

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