Thursday, December 27, 2012


As I mentioned a few days ago, I would put my NCLEX ramblings into a separate post...

My ATT arrived less than a week after I had graduated...and I was shocked that it had come that early! I figured I wouldn't see it until sometime in January, so I was planning on enjoying the holidays and the time off, then would worry about studying after the new year. Well...the early ATT kinda changed that, but it's OK, I worked it out.

I took a look at my calendar and figured out my schedule and looked at when I could devote a good 2 weeks to studying, and then the approximate date that I would want to test after a 2-week study session. I knew I wouldn't get any studying done this week of Christmas, based on holidays and traveling and kids being home from school, so I looked at starting my 2 weeks on December 31st (yeah, I know...NYE...but I have no life, so I have no So my first choice for test date was January 14th. I logged onto the Pearson Vue site, logged in, found my testing center, then took a look at the dates in January. January was pretty full already! The earliest date was January 2nd, which is WAY too early...and then the next earliest date was January 15th. Perfect! Just a day after I was hoping for. The only downfall is it's 8 AM, and I have to drive an hourish to get there. That will make for an early morning for me, but I'll be done early, not worrying and pacing and being all anxious all day before a later test time.

So...studying starts December 31st. Hardcore reviewing Kaplan, Hurst, ATI, content, questions, questions, and more questions. Will go through January 13th, then I take the 14th off to decompress, take a breather, relax a bit...then bright and early on the 15th, I seal my fate. I can do this, I know I can do this. I'll just be real glad when it's over!

So pardon me when I disappear for the first couple of weeks of 2013...when I return, I'm REALLY hoping it will be as Kendra, RN! YAY!!


  1. That's so exciting! I just got my books for fundamentals a couple weeks ago and am so nervous for this upcoming semester! But reading you're blog really keeps me motivated! :)

  2. Best advice I got besides to study was to be consistant. You know the time so every morning for the next couple weeks get up early enough to do your morning routines and be sitting at your computer taking practice tests by 8am. Do now what you will do on test day. If you want to wear earplugs to block noise, do it now while practicing and not the first time on test day.
    Good luck.

  3. Exciting! I will be following soon! :-) Expecting ATT any day now that I have finally registered correctly! LOL