Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last Day of Freedom!

And technically it's my last day of summer break, ever.  Like REALLY ever.  From grade school to college, I had summers off.  My previous career was teaching, so I had summers off.  Then I was a stay at home mama and had summers off.  Then I was a student again and had summers off.  That pattern ends today.  Now THAT is a sobering thought.

Anyhoo...I head back to school tomorrow for my final semester.  First thing up is a med calc quiz in critical care class.  I used to stress about these quizzes...not so much anymore.  I'll review my conversions and will probably take a look at pediatric dosing and fluid volume calcs, just in case.  I don't foresee peds questions, but you never know.  I'll be in class all day tomorrow and then for a few hours on Thursday, then off on Friday.  I could get used to this schedule...but as is common with nursing school, it will change a million times over the course of the semester.  And we just roll with it.

I've gotten my reading done for tomorrow - cardiac dysrhythmias in textbook, plus dysrhythmias and pacemakers in ATI book - and will review med calc stuff later tonight.  I'm ready, let's do this.

On that note, I'm off to get a few miles done and think about anything other than school for just a few more hours.

Peace out, homies

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  1. We have Psych up first this semester and no news from our critical care instructor yet or a syllabus... boo! But I guess we have three weeks to not stress over what we can't change right? :-)