Friday, May 18, 2012

Orientation is complete!

2 days of new employee on-boarding, plus 2 1/2 days of student nurse extern orientation...and I am deemed good to go now!

Got checked off on IV and Foley competencies, plus lift equipment, blood glucose checks, pneumatic tube delivery systems, restraints, and other topics that are currently eluding my tired brain.  But I passed, I can do what they expect of me.  And according to Externship Hospital, the only things I cannot do as a student nurse extern are give blood products, chemo drugs, and take verbal physician orders.  Anything else - Foleys, NG tubes, dressing changes, IV starts, med admin - I'm on it.

But now, I must recover from a week on day shift hours.  Getting up at 5 AM for 5 days in a row, driving, sitting in orientation sessions all day, driving again, and getting home between 5 and 6 PM...yeah, this girl is tired.  I can handle 5 AM if I'm still awake from the night before, but not so much when I have to wake up.  I'm weird.

Happy Friday!


  1. I am the exact same way. Not an early riser, but I can stay up all night and all day and function very well.

  2. 5 am is far to early for anyone to function. When I am on placement I get up at 6... and seriously just getting up an hour later at 7 makes such a difference. Anything before 7 or 8 is far to early!!

    I love being up late though :)

  3. Good for you! Can't wait to hear some of your experiences.... :) or at least, thoughts of your experiences! :)