Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Semester 3 is half over!

Now that just seems unreal.  I'm really down to a semester and a half left in nursing school?  Wow...

Anyhoo...I'm officially on my spring break!  How did that work out?  Well...due to some changes in clinical schedule (thanks to THE hospital recently going live with their new electronic records system, all hell breaking loose there, and our Peds instructor making the decision to pull us from hospital clinical sites this week..), I was finished with the week after Tuesday's classes.  WOOT!  So I actually get 3 extra days tacked on to my spring break this year.  Cannot complain.


Like any good nursing student knows, you may be on spring break, but that doesn't really mean much except that you don't have to show up for classes or clinicals for a week.  You still have studying and assignments and reading and all that jazz.  Case in point: I have to submit my prenatal teaching lesson plan by Tuesday morning...which means I really need to have it ready to go Monday night...but Monday afternoon I have a interview for a summer externship position...and I don't want to be working on my lesson plan before I go to my interview....and then my birthday is Sunday and I don't want to be doing any work at all that day...and I'm going to Kosair Children's Hospital on I need to have my teaching plan finished by Friday night.  I worked on it a bit today, will really slog through it tomorrow and Friday, hopefully having it ready to go by Friday night.  And that's just my teaching plan...I have a Peds exam (cardiac, GI, and GU...nothing like 3 heavy topics in one exam!) the Tuesday after we get back from break, so that mean I'll spend the remainder of the week catching up on reading and making a study guide.  Not to mention I have ATI practice exams for Peds, OB, and Leadership that I need to get taken and checked off.  So...spring break?  Huh?  :-/

That's about all that's going on right now, at least that's all my focus is focused on for the time being.  It's sad...I used to be all gung ho about working ahead, staying ahead, getting assignments done early, studying early.  Now I go one day at a time, I rarely work ahead, am usually finishing up assignments and studying and study guides the night before they're due.  Don't ask me when our next OB clinical day is, I have no idea if it's not this week or next.  Don't ask me where I'm going for Peds clinical the week after spring break, I have no idea.  It's not that I'm apathetic or slacking...I just don't see the need to exert the energy to stay ahead.  I'm happy with meeting deadlines at the deadline.

Alrighty...time to do at least a little work on my teaching plan.  Those of you on spring break...ENJOY!  At least as much as you can  ;-)

Later gators!

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  1. My spring break isn't next week but the week after:-( Wish it were today, I have big plans.