Sunday, January 1, 2012

In the Year 2012

Of course all kinds of things can happen in the course of a calendar year.  But seeing as how my crystal ball reading skillz aren't all that, I cannot foresee all the various things that will go down In the Year 2012. That said, here are some of the high points I'm expecting for this coming year:

January - I start my 3rd semester of nursing school, known as the OB/Peds semester (I won't mention the more popular nicknames, just because I'm trying to keep things classy here...).  This is the semester I've been waiting for ever since I went back to school.  Bring on the babies!  Realize that a year from now, I'll be preparing for NCLEX...thinking that a year ago I was just getting started.

February - I'm sure something will happen in February...

March - I turn 36 years old.  I have my last spring break as a student (unless I become insane and go to grad school to get another graduate degree...)

April - My 3rd semester winds down.  Take my 2nd-to-last round of finals, of ATI exams.

May - Begin my 3 months of freedom!  Catch up on sleep.  Fix any nutritional imbalances.  Thankful I'll have more time for running.  Hoping I have either a part-time CNA job or a nurse externship to be looking forward to.  And if not, well, just enjoy my final summer where I'm not working.

June - Slow month, unless I'm working or externing.  Will be getting a lot of running done.

July - Another slow month, unless I'm working or externing.  Still getting a lot of running done.

August - I start my 4th semester of nursing school.  This is it, my last semester!  Paying my last round of tuition, buying my last round of textbooks.  My baby, my little kiddo...she starts Kindergarten.  And my big girl...she switches schools to the 4-6 building.  Doesn't seem possible. :-(

September -I'm sure something will happen in September...probably starting my preceptorship..?

October - My final fall break as a student!

November - My final Thanksgiving break as a student!  Final semester winds down.

December - I take my last finals, my last ATI exams...and I GRADUATE!  December 13th, baby, I will be a graduate nurse, will have the BSN portion of my title!

Then In the Year 2013, I get to spend a lot of time preparing for this little thing called the NCLEX.  Study study study, take the darn thing, pass it, and I will be an RN!  Procure a job, and I will finally be Kendra, BSN-RN.  Or Kendra, RN-BSN.  One or the other.

School update: Textbooks all arrived.  OB/Peds book is *huge*.  Just shy of 2000 pages, just shy of 9 pounds.  Seriously...I weighed it.  8.8 pounds.  That's the weight of a young infant!  Gonna be fun hauling that book around...

Happy New Year! 

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  1. That book weighs more than either of my children did! Good luck on OB/Peds! As an LPN student we had OB/Peds , and once I start my RN portion I get to do it again. There is alot of information to learn! But the clinicals are Fun!