Monday, December 5, 2011

Procrastination-insomnia post

So it's approaching 0300 and I have an exam at 0900...and I still need to get some sleep.  So what am I doing?  Last minute review?  Sleeping?  Nope, I wandered over here to check in.  :-)

I'm here but just a moment, but I'm still alive and halfway through my horrible exam schedule.  2 ATI exams under my belt - Level 3 on Mental Health, Level 2 on Med-Surg - and now just a 4th exam for Med-Surg (covering cancer, integumentary, renal, repro, and musculoskeletal...yikes) at 0900 and the comprehensive final on Wednesday.  Then I am DONE!  FINISHED!!  No school to deal with for a month!  And...I will OFFICIALLY by halfway through nursing school.  BOOYAH.

But I'm still in seclusion for the next  60 hours or so...studying, studying, studying.  And maybe some sleep in there.  But in 60 hours, I will be DONE!  FINISHED!!  Not looking forward to it or anything, either.

Study hard, fellow nurslings....we're in the homestretch for fall semester 2011!

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  1. I had a pretty tough week that I hope to blog about later today. I'm excited for you to be almost done. We just took a fourth exam covering oxygenation and perfusion which I totally bombed. Now all I have to concentrate on is the finals and my last skills check off. Lots of work! I'm totally excited for Christmas break.