Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Officially finished with 2nd semester!

So I was finished with finals a week ago...but the grades are now posted, so I consider that official.  Mental Health - A (98%...BOOYAH!), Research Methods - A, Med-Surg - B.  Wish I could have gotten that 3rd A, but all things considered, I'll live with the B.

And by all things considered, I take into account that our program offers Med-Surg as one class, in one semester, for 8 credit hours.  I sat in lecture for 3 hours on Mondays and 2 hours on Wednesdays, clinical for 6-7 hours on Tuesdays, in addition to the 10-15 hours each week I spent on clinical work (pre-clinical prep, post-clinical worksheets, care plans, and journals) and the lots of hours of reading the textbooks and ATI chapters.  And the fact that 3 of our 16 class members did not pass Med-Surg and will not be moving on with us to 3rd semester.  :-(  So hell class from hell, plus some classmates not doing so well...that B I got is acceptable.

So I guess I'm officially a 3rd semester nursing student!  I'm a college senior!  Again!

I'm on break until January 9th...nothing school-related that needs to be done.  Well, other than seek out and order textbooks and hound Blackboard to find out what I need to pre-read before classes start.  But that's nothing new.  It honestly feels really strange to have nothing to do, school-wise.  Since August I have been spending hours on end doing something - reading, writing careplans, looking up drugs, writing up study guides, memorizing lab values or toxicity levels - and to quit cold turkey is kinda weird.  I'll be sitting in my recliner and kind of panic, thinking that I should be doing something...but then I realize I don't have to.  I think I'm traumatized or something.  PTSD r/t recently completed semester of nursing school aeb random moments of panic from feeling like reading, studying, or learning content needs to be taking place.

So while I'm doing nothing, I may not be around here much either.  Not that that's a huge change from when I was in school.  My poor bloggit- blog has gotten neglected the past few months  :-(  But those in nursing school or who've been in nursing school...y'all know that's perfectly normal.  Nursing school consumes your life.

On that note, good luck to those who are still working on finishing up another semester...congrats to all those who are finished with another semester...SUPER CONGRATS to those are graduating!  And if I'm not back before then...have a very Merry Christmas!!

Later gators  :-)

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