Friday, September 2, 2011

Survived the first 2 weeks

Textbook chapters, ATI chapters, clinical module reviews, and online research articles.  Two med dosage calculation quizzes, a Pharm ATI practice quiz, and a quiz over the clinical modules.  New basic information on IV therapy, pre-op care, post-op care, blood transfusions, and conscious sedation.  Two mind-numbing clinical review sessions, got drilled over what we learned last semester plus new information crammed into our heads.  One Mental Health clinical, one clinical journal written.  13 more weeks to go.

Mental Health still seems like it will be OK...although I've heard some interesting stories from my classmates who went to the children's psychiatric hospital for their first clinical this week.  It looks to be pretty straightforward -- lecture once a week to go over various mental health issues and have post conference from the previous week of clinicals, clinical once a week where we spend 6 total weeks at the psychiatic hospital, 6 weeks at other sites.  I got my schedule, looks pretty good, plus clinicals are finished the week before Thanksgiving.  Actually, except for a last exam and ATI testing, class will be finished by Thanksgiving break.

Adult Health/Med-Surg is going to be my killer class, but if I do well, I will come out of this semester knowing a whole lot.  Our instructor -- the new one I mentioned in my last post -- has lightened up a bit, but she's still pretty much a no-nonsense, don't piss her off type.  I will say that I like her as an instructor...she is teaching us how to think outside of the box, stay one step ahead, be able to pull random knowledge off the top of our heads.  I really need this...and I can tell a huge difference in myself even in just the 2 weeks.  However..a couple of our more...difficult...classmates have already copped an attitude with her, and I think it's just a matter of time before heads start rolling.  As long as it's not my noggin!  We have our first clinical next week, the day after Labor Day.  0645 at the ortho unit at THE hospital, take report at 0700, we're there until probably 1430 or 1500.  My TNI clinical instructor from last semester works in ortho, so I'm hoping I'll see him some and he'll be my patient's nurse at some point.  I know he's the type who will let us get in there and do skills (with direct supervision, of course).

My 3rd class is just a filler...Research Methods for Evidence Based Practice.  1 group project, a few smaller individual assignments, 2 or 3 exams that are all online...just busywork.  Considering I'm well versed in academic research and APA formatting thanks to my Master's thesis/degree, I should do OK in this class.

And I almost forgot...a couple posts ago, MamaDoodle asked me about my Vera Bradley baggage.  I have an older style large cosmetic bag where I keep my steth, scissors, pen light, BP cuff, finger pulse ox thingy (technical term,, ID, tape measure, pupil dilation chart, and anything else I can't remember that's in  This is a retired style that I liked better than the current cosmetic bag and I found it for a good price on eBay.  I also have a Miller bag (another eBay win) that serves as my school bag, perfect for holding my books, binders, iClicker, and various other needed supplies.  Add those to my purse and I'm a walking Vera ad.  I need help  ;-)

Alrighty...I have a long weekend, but plenty of stuff to keep me busy -- catching up with Mental Health reading, working on my first assignment for Research class, reviewing respiratory for I'm kitty-sitting for a classmate, serving Communion at church on Sunday, and taking kiddos to a firework display that was postponed from July 4th due to bad weather.  So much for a "holiday" weekend.  *sigh*

Have a nice long weekend...and good luck to those starting classes on Tuesday!

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  1. I remember an instructor like that. Med/surg is a tough area to work in the hospital. You have to know a lot of different areas and systems of the body. Good luck on the rest of the semester.