Monday, May 16, 2011

I've become

At least regarding my discussions about nursing school.  Having the summer completely off is giving me nothing much to talk about in that vein.

The only thing nursing-related I have to mention is that the local hospital has a Nursing Assistant job opening that would fit with my schedule -- medical, 7P - 7A, 48 hours biweekly.  I could totally do 2 nights a week this summer, no problem there.  The only thing that has me concerned is keeping up with that 2 nights a week once school starts back up in the fall.  I just don't know if I can do only "free" nights (as in, nights that don't fall before a school day) are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  Not sure if I could work out my schedule like that...and I don't want to work a night before a school day.  I wouldn't handle that well at all.  I don't know that the hospital would hire me for just the summer.  If they would do that, hey, no problem there.  Dilemma.  I would love to get my name in the system and keep up with at least some skills over the summer, not to mention earning a regular paycheck would be nice...just don't know if it can work out.  Guess I should look into it a bit further...

But yeah, that's it, that's all that's going on with anything nursing right now.  My scrubs are washed and hanging in the closet, haven't been touched in a few much loved Danskos are sitting on a shelf in the closet, just waiting...haven't touched my school bag or books...haven't used my stethoscope or BP cuff (although I probably need to start finding human "patients" so I can keep current on auscultation and such).  It's odd...something that was such a huge part of my time for the past few months isn't even on my radar right now.  I miss it  :-)

Mad Men update:  I got through season 2, need to start season 3.  There isn't such a sense of urgency to get them watched as quickly now -- I was at Target a couple weeks ago and they had all 4 seasons on sale, 50% off each season.  Too good of a deal to pass up, so all 4 seasons of Mad Men are now in my possession.  No more having to coordinate my watching schedule with library deadlines and waiting for a fellow Mad Men-loving library patron to return the disc I need.  So...may have to get started on season 3 tonight.  The season 2 finale was a pretty good cliffhanger and I want to know what happens next!

Alrighty...other stuff is beckoning.  And the 4 yo is wanting lunch. I swear, these kids...they expect you to feed them regularly...sheesh...  ;-)  Continued good luck wishes for those taking finals, starting summer classes, graduating (lucky ones!!), and starting new and/or summer jobs!

Peace out


  1. A little extra money is nice, However, maybe talk to HR and see if they have any on-call needs. Sometimes it's not advertised, but you can ask.

    Enjoy the summer off

  2. I agree, also may be by the time school starts they'll have a few different shifts available. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to handle an all-nighter before class on a regular basis either.

  3. I thought the same thing when I washed my school scrubs after this semester. It was kind of like, "Wow. I don't ever have to wear these again if I don't want to." Haha.

  4. Well how exciting to know you're enjoying your summer so far. I just took my last final today and had to go to work right away so have not been able to savor the moment, but I will!! Good luck with whatever you decide, maybe see if the hospital has a casual CNA position where you could pick and choose the shifts that pop up and become available like me :)