Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So a friend of mine shared this picture with me.  Unless this is some Internet prank/hoax that we don't know about, we're assuming it's real.

So...what the heck is this exactly?  Injury?  Congenital defect?

I'm trying to look at it with a critical eye...once I got past the "OMG, WTH is that?!?"  Missing phalanges on the index and ring fingers...both missing 2 bones.  And the thumb appears to be missing soft tissue at the end...as does the index nub...and the pinky finger.  Not sure what is going on with the middle finger.  And with the 2 lateral metacarpals...and the lateral carpals, for that matter.  Those are not normal angles and locations, there.  And the soft tissue around those 2 metacarpals looks...not right.

My friend's first theory was someone wasn't paying close enough attention when using a circular saw and the hand got too close to the blade.  Then he suggested the hand was out the window of a moving car and it hit something, like a metal sign, and that disintegrated the hand.  Both sound plausible to me.

I would love to hear the story that accompanies this x-ray.


  1. This was in an email I was sent a few months ago. Explaination said the person had a firecracker in their hand when it went off. Not sure, though. One of those internet things. But still, sad. :(

  2. Estelle -- I have since discovered the firecracker explanation. When I first heard it, I said to my friend "Wonder how much alcohol was involved and if this was preceded by a 'hey y'all, check THIS out!'". Friend then told me it was a kid. And I felt like a jerk. :-(