Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm up for a little challenge

Nevermind that it looks like school will be for realz kicking into gear this week, plus I'm playing catch-up on reading in prep for our first round of exams starting next week...but hey, why not add some more to my plate?

I first saw this over at Estelle's little corner of the Internet...and have since seen a couple other people post it as well (although I can't remember who all is taking part...)  Well, count me in.  I'm going to give the 30-Day Challenge a go.

I'm adopting Estelle's MO, though -- probably won't get a post each day, thereby not completing it in 30 days, will try for 60 days, but may not make that one either, may alter the order, may pick and choose which ones to answer.  It's not a formal assignment for school, so if I wanna take a few liberties, I'm gonna take a few liberties!

So...starting sometime later this week, watch this space over the next however-long-it-takes for little random snapshots of me/my life.  I can't promise anything majorly exciting or earth-shattering...because I'm pretty much a normal person with no OMG!! kind of story...but still.


Quick school update (since this *is* a school-related blog, after all...): got 10/10 on my first journal for Community Health...ATI critical thinking test computer training Wednesday so we can input patient data during clinicals...first Community clinical on Thursday at the local WIC office...  BUSY.  Plus I got my photo ID today, creating a need to stop by the local scrub shop for one of those little clip-on ID tag-holder-thingies (Pink!  What other color is there?)  Then when I got home, my sphygmomanometer was waiting for me.  Look out, world...student nurse, armed with a BP cuff, needing practice!

Alrighty, kiddies, time for this girl to hit the books and get prepared for tomorrow.  You have yourself a happy and a healthy.  :-)


  1. I think I'll work on the 30 day challenge during break in May. Hey I haven't gotten my stethoscope yet, but when I do I have to get 40 vitals taken before April 4th. Yikes, not a problem right?

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  3. Kendra, doll, please. Like anything I will be saying in my 30-day challenge will be ground-breaking. lol.
    And I love those ID holders. I have one in green that has an E on it. :)