Thursday, December 9, 2010

Semester officially over!

Took my 2 exams today, now I am officially finished until January 10th.  Yay!

Patho:  Took exam this morning.  Felt pretty good about it, there were only a handful of questions I didn't immediately know the answer to.  Knew I could miss only 1 or 2 to bump back up to an A, could miss 50 points to keep my I figured I was pretty much locked into a B.  Our director had them all graded shortly after everyone was finished, but she wasn't going to give us our results until after our Pharm exam in the afternoon.  End result: 61/65 on the exam, final grade a 92.08%.  5 points shy of an A.  So close!  But I'm happy with the was a tough class.  And I know at least 3 of my classmates did not pass  :-(

Pharm:  Exam this afternoon.  I had to get a 75/100 to pass the class, and like I already mentioned, I was worried.  Got in there, did my best, felt optimistic after it was over.  End result: I passed the exam, got an 83/100 [12-11-2010 ETA -- checked my grade on Blackboard, it shows I got an 85.  2 more points, I won't turn them down].  Not sure of my final class grade, since the different parts are weighted differently, but I'm expecting a B in there as well.  I'll take it.

**12-15-2010 ETA -- OK, checked Blackboard final exam grade is now a 91.  6 more points..?  Somethings's going on, maybe she curved it?  Anyhoo, my class grade is a 91.95%, an upper range B.  Again, would have liked that A, but judging how the class ended up going, a B is more than acceptable.

I've now got about 4 weeks off from classes and I plan to relax my brain and not worry about school.  I've got the holidays, family things, plans with friends (who have been very patient with my lack of being social this semester!), and some other things I'd like to do.  That said, I will be anticipating next semester, because it's the real deal.  No more pre-nursing student, I will be a full-fledged nursing student.  And I have the clothes and supplies and various credentials to show for it.

I am officially off duty until January 10th.  :-)

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